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A common question raised by many people in today's age is why would anyone want to buy a Desktop computer when you can buy a Laptop at a similar price range. The answer to be put in simple terms is because there are computing needs that mobile devices like laptops and tablets can't fulfill as well as a desktop can.

They are multiple factors involved in choosing the right Desktop like power, operating system, graphics etc. There are various types of desktops available in retail market. HP, Dell and Lenovo are few of the brands that we deal with and offer the following type of desktops, however, we deal mainly with Business PC’s and Workstations.

Business PCs are typically utilitarian in appearance, but offer work-friendly features like easy serviceability and upgradability. Desktops are manufactured in different form factors such as :

  • Microtower /Minitower: These have the most internal space, so you can install multiple hard drives, more RAM, or multiple graphics cards, depending on your needs. They are the most flexible, but also the bulkiest.
  • SFF desktops: Which have little lesser internal space, allowing you to attach additional hard drives and possibly even a gaming-grade graphics card. You'll also find more powerful CPUs here, with their more strenuous cooling requirements.
  • All-in-one (AIO) desktops: These desktops help is saving a lot of space on the desktop, since the display is built in. with the PC. In most cases All in One's are hardly scalable, compared with the traditional desktop. Screens come in sizes from 18 to 34 inches, and support up to 5K resolution.

Apart from the regular desktops, there are Workstations. These are specialized Desktop machines made to do the heavy computing of high-end media creation, scientific calculations, and strenuous work tasks. They usually have Intel Xeon processors and ISV-certified graphics solutions from AMD and Nvidia that are used in 3D modelling etc.

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